Buddha Brain InfoTech established in 2018. The company is a privately founded by Krishna Murari Singh. it's corporate office in New Delhi(NCR), India. The company offers complete IT solutions., which primarily includes website development, and designing, App development, digital marketing, SEO, SMO, software development services.

Buddha Brain InfoTech is one of the fastest growing software development and training company in Delhi-NCR. BBIT is a team of young and inspiring technology enthusiasts who continuously work together in order to provide our clients with the best service around the globe. We have all the services including website design and development, mobile application development, digital marketing, software development, and training under a single roof to facilitate our customers with the best solutions for their business.

buddha brain infotech

Our objective to deal with every query as our own so as to provide our clients with the best business solution. We treat our clients as a family and aim to grow together with a boomed business and flourished relationship. Our technical team will remain at your service to deploy the quality service. We have served several industries including hospitality, e-commerce, healthcare, financial, entertainment, and look forward to capturing the remaining.

We are working towards becoming the leading website and software developers in the tech industry. In the past few years, we have attempted and successfully delivered several projects with zero-error codes and smooth interfacing on the latest platforms.

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Our mission

buddha brain infotech

As technology enthusiasts 10.0, we look forward to being innovative in all our services and provide solutions on latest technologies with updated versions. We vision to be walking shoulder to shoulder with new technologies and have a neck-to-neck competition in developing high tech solutions for every business. Our prime objective is to address every query with equal importance and deliver the for client’s business. We believe a healthy business relation leads to an elevating business.

Why Us

Buddha Brain InfoTech has a dynamic team of experts in Digital Marketing Activities, Web Designing & Development, and Mobile App & Games Development, who understand the needs of the customer, and what actually customer want? And make a positive impression on our loved clients. Our top skilled team group combined with top to bottom research ability empower us to convey required procedures for your business.

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